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FEC Profile
Current Officers
Current Officers
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About Federated
Electrical Contractors

Electrical contracting has always been one of the most critical performance areas in capital facilities projects. In the rapid-response competitive climate of the information age the challenges are greater than ever before.

For the most demanding facilities projects, what it all adds up to is a rigorous set of requirements that is proving more and more difficult to meet through conventional contracting approaches.

Federated Electrical Contractors has changed the landscape of electrical contracting, creating a joint-venture network which brings leading electrical contractors together whenever and wherever special resources are needed. FEC joint ventures have proven themselves again and again on challenging products for many of the world's leading companies, large and small.

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What do facility owners and managers need from an electrical contractor?

  • Global reach with local market expertise for quick responding, effective joint-venture partnering environment.
  • Proven performance on the most demanding projects.
  • Special capabilities for accelerated projects and advanced project delivery approaches.
  • Leveraged cost benefits to hold down costs.
  • Innovative problem solving for Information Age technologies and systems.
  • A rigorous safety focus saves time and money and enhances productivity on every project.
  • A resource for many of the world's leading companies and institutions.

Current Officers


Board Chair
Keith Pugh
Harlan Electric, Nashville, TN

Mike Holmes
Holmes Electric, Kent, WA

Vice President
Rick Schultz
R/S Electric, St. Joseph, MO

David Haskins
Davis H. Elliot, Lexington, KY

Rick Para
Pieper Electric, New Berlin, WI

Shane Snyder
Cannon and Wendt, Phoenix, AZ

Patty Skokan
Baker Electric, Des Moines, IA

Stef Lopata
Kelso-Burnett Electric, Rolling Meadows, IL

Mark Melton
Melton Electric, Houston, TX

Todd Mikec
Lighthouse Electric, Canonsburg, PA

Committee Chairs

  • Marketing: Shane Snyder
  • Program: Rick Schultz
  • Finance: Brett Hugie
  • Safety: Mike Hanson
  • Membership: Steve Young
  • Purchasing: Stef Lopata (Board Liaison)
  • Advanced Technology: Tommy Garmin (Board Liaison)
  • Nominating: Todd Perry
  • Peer Group I: Marcus McPhee
  • Peer Group II: Ken Phelps
  • Webmaster: Don Murphy

Global Reach

The unique demands of electrical contracting for today often call for world-class resources with national and international reach.

At the same time the complexities of the work put a premium on getting the most highly skilled work force at the local project site. Historically, this combination of global reach and local market expertise has been almost impossible to achieve. "National" electrical contracting firms have struggled unsuccessfully with the challenge, and so have "consolidated" electrical contracting companies formed by regional acquisitions.

FEC enables you to put the nation's leading electrical contractors on you job quickly in an effective joint-venture partnering environment that delivers the performance you need. With offices in over 60 cities in the United States and abroad, the FEC network gives you the reach you need, and lets you work every time with respected professionals who know the local market because they're leading it.

Proven Performance

Whether it's one facility in one location, a simultaneous launching of multiple projects in locations around the world, or somewhere in between, the FEC network allows your electrical contractor to put together an experienced team immediately and hit the ground running.

You work with people you know and trust, while dealing with a single, experienced project manager. Sophisticated management systems provide you with a continuous flow of project status information. Work progress is measured against established schedule and budget parameters. Wherever the job is located, a principal executive of an FEC team member is on hand to ensure first time quality.

From high-rise office buildings to sophisticated industrial complexes to healthcare and educational campuses, your FEC electrical contracting team knows how to get the job done right. Work every time with respected professionals who know the local market because they're leading it. 

Special Capabilities

To make sure everything gets done right the first time, today's quality-conscious, cost-conscious facilities owners want a lot more than a conventional subcontractor relationship with the electrical contractor.

Your FEC team is a proven performer with sophisticated design-build project delivery approaches, in which traditionally sequential project phases are integrated and overlapped to accelerate project completion.  The result is a unified package of owner-focused services from the beginning of the project to the end.

Innovative, cost-conscious design and construction techniques are combined with maximum responsiveness and a high level of performance. The FEC team's negotiated and turnkey project delivery approaches can often provide cost and schedule advantages that far surpass what is possible through the conventional design-bid-build sequence.

Leveraged Cost

Typically the biggest cost on an electrical contracting project is labor. Your FEC team is always working with a familiar and skilled local labor force with which it has built positive relationships over the long term.

Team members also realize that good safety and health programs provide benefits including saving money, improved productivity and efficiency, and bolster the organization's reputation where we do business. The result for you is maximum reliability, availability, work quality, and productivity—all at best-value rates.

There are other areas of savings in addition to labor. FEC's nationwide joint-venture network also enables you the benefits of established local supplier relationships, and its group buying power makes volume discounts available on a national basis. Because the FEC network has member offices in every major metropolitan area, project travel costs are often substantially lower.

Innovative Problem Solving

Today's top-notch electrical contractor should bring you a total mastery of multimedia technologies, systems, and platforms that go far beyond electrical systems.

These include rapidly evolving communications, telecommunications, and teledata systems for the information age, sophisticated instrumentation, controls, and industrial process systems, information technology installations, LAN and WAN networks, Internet systems, electronic security and access systems, emergency power supplies, and uninterruptible power sources, FEC ensures that its members stay ahead of the rapidly advancing state-of-the-art with a continuing program for knowledge sharing in technical and professional development areas.


The rigorous safety focus of your FEC project team saves time and money and enhances productivity on every project.

For FEC members, safety on the work site is a lot more than manuals to read, rules to obey, and procedures to follow. It's a continuous and carefully monitored performance parameter in every area of our work. That's why FEC member firms always rank right at the top of the electrical construction industry as winners of safety awards for zero-lost-time.

Maintaining an outstanding track record for safety on major projects requires a relentless focus on the basics, plus constant awareness. But when safety is a watchword on project after project, it starts to become an internalized behavior. The direct result is that even the largest and most complex FEC projects reach completion without a single work hour lost due to accident or injury.

FEC as a Resource

With a successful 50-year track record, FEC is continuously demonstrating its capabilities on the toughest projects for many of the world's leading companies.

It may mean dealing with a decision to move a new silicon wafer manufacturing complex from one state to another just as the project gets underway, or equipping a high-rise office building with futuristic connectivity.

It may mean providing advanced systems for a newly integrated health care complex, retrofitting an entire educational campus for new information technologies, or providing systems for state-of-the-art automotive manufacturing plants for the leading U.S. and Japanese car companies. Whatever the project or program, your FEC team is the one resource that's proven itself every time.

Emeritus Members


1995 John Harlan Harlan Electric (MI)
1997 Ted Frazer HB Frazer Electric
1999 Mike Angino Mass Electric
2000 Charles Oertli Guarantee Electric
2006 Ken Hull HB Frazer Electric
2009 Sam DuBose White Electric
2009 Bob Kimmel Davis H Elliott Electric
2010 Jeray Holmes Holmes Electric
2012 Steve Harlan Harlan Electric (TN)
2013 Ed Gilmore HB Frazer Electric
2013 Jim Kostek Kelso-Burnett Electric
2014 Mark Fjone Cannon & Wendt Electric
2014 Rick Ledbetter Guarantee Electric
2015 Dave Hearn Baker Electric
2016 Norman Doll Pieper Electric
2017 Ted McPhee McPhee Electric
2017 Dennis Nelson Mojave Electric
2017 Brad Weir Kelso-Burnett Electric
2018 Paul Reilly Ferguson Electric
2018 Britt Baker Baker Electric