FEC Members Section

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Electrical contracting has always been one of the most critical performance areas in capital facilities projects.  In the rapid-response competitive climate of the information age the challenges are greater than ever before.

What do facility owners and managers need from an electrical contractor?

  • Global reach with local market expertise for quick responding, effective joint-venture partnering environment.
  • Proven performance on the most demanding projects.
  • Special capabilities for accelerated projects and advanced project delivery approaches.
  • Leveraged cost benefits to hold down costs.
  • Innovative problem solving for Information Age technologies and systems.
  • A rigorous safety focus saves time and money and enhances productivity on every project.
  • A resource for many of the world's leading companies and institutions.

For the most demanding facilities projects, what it all adds up to is a rigorous set of requirements that is proving more and more difficult to meet through conventional contracting approaches.

Federated Electrical Contractors has changed the landscape of electrical contracting, creating a joint-venture network which brings leading electrical contractors together whenever and wherever special resources are needed.  FEC joint ventures have proven themselves again and again on challenging products for many of the world's leading companies, large and small. Click here to see a list of FEC members.